John Brehcist
My consultancy Roundwindow specialises in Strategic Management Development, helping CEOs and their companies define and deliver their goals. Clients range from start ups to market leaders in an increasing range of countries. I'm also an Independent Director of NFC, a leading Russian ABL business. I am Consultant to the International Factors Group, the global trade organisation for the Receivables Finance Industry. I am also the Coordinator of the EU Federation for the Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry. Previously the Head of Strategy and Research for Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, a market leading ABL provider in the UK with 10000 clients. Earlier experience includes running operations of (what was then) the largest Commercial Finance organisation in the UK with my team of 150 staff servicing 1600 whole turnover clients.
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  • Разработка стратегии и реализация
  • Бизнес-процессы и совершенствование управления услугами
  • корпоративные связи
  • Вовлечения сотрудников
  • Наставничество и консультирование
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Strategy development is evolving from its traditional long term planning approaches as markets move and consumer needs change ever more rapidly. With greater use of open development approaches and social media interaction, it is increasingly relevant to harness the power of multi source input for strategy development and implementation. This visionary programme is part of that evolution.