Provision on the OmniGrade experts rewards programme
  1. The expert community members get special points called OmniCoins as a reward for active and useful role when discussing the tasks of the companies using OmniSourcing.

    OmniCoins distribution processes are described in "The rules of awarding with OmniCoins" in details.

  2. Total amount of all OmniCoins received by an expert is announced on, except such cases when an expert asks the operator not to do it.
  3. The operator develops and maintains the special awards programme called OmniStore which enables any expert to exchange his OmniCoins for products (goods or services), provided by any companies, organizations and the operator in terms of marketing promotion. The range of these products is available on
  4. When an expert wants to exchange his OmniCoins for a certain product he should contact the operator of the programme via e-mail In 5 working days after the enquiry is made the operator contacts an expert to discuss the terms of delivery.

    The Program Operator is not responsible for the impossibility of obtaining a selected product by the Expert because of the fault of a third party providing the product for marketing purposes through OmniStore.

    The Program Operator writes off the appropriate amount of OmniCoins only after providing the product.

    If there is disagreement regarding the receipt of the product, the expert may send a motivated claim to the Program Operator, which undertakes to examine it within a reasonable time.

  5. The operator keeps record of the amount of OmniCoins received by every expert both on an accrual basis and in the form of a current account after each time an expert uses OmniStore.
  6. The Provision of statuses of the expert community members approved by the operator defines "Provision on statuses of expert community members".
  7. The operator has a right to amend and make additions to the Provision at any time.
  8. The rewards programme and the Provision come into effect since 1 march 2015.