What are the main objectives of your service?

We see our mission in helping companies and projects with ambitious and noble goals. For this we solve two problems:

  1. to form around the company (or project) a constantly expanding international group of supporters (or crowds) willing to help the company with their time and intellect and able to become its "agents of influence";
  2. to find with the help of supporters the most rare, creative and effective solutions to the complex business challenges the company faces.
What is your difference from other crowdsourcing platforms?
Our main difference is that we provide constant and long-term support to our clients all the way to the realization of their strategic goals.
What is the difference of your service from consulting?

Firstly, in case of consulting the client receives only one solution to the challenges it faces. Crowdsourcing provides many solutions, among which you must choose the most effective and non-standard.

Secondly, supporters of the clients do not only help to find solutions to the problems, but also participate in their implementation.

Thirdly, the work of supporters is open and public and thus is an original marketing tool.

For what companies and projects your service can be effective, and for what - not?

In order for crowdsourcing proved to be highly effective, four conditions must be met:

  • the company must have very ambitious goals;
  • the company should aim at international expansion;
  • the company's activities or technologies and approaches used must be unique and interesting for a wide audience;
  • the company’s management should be interested in the success of the joint crowdsourcing project and should organize assistance in its implementation.
How does the effectiveness of your service depend on the client?

There are two key functions of the client, without attention to which the joint crowdsourcing project will not be effective.

The first consists in making decisions on ideas and suggestions offered by the company's supporters. Of course, these decisions can be either positive or negative. But the lack of attention to proposals will lead to the demotivation of supporters.

The second is to tell supporters regularly about all the key events taking place in the company. The Agency OmniGrade will help to turn these stories into fascinating new Chapters of the company's history.

What should be the group of supporters of the client (crowds) to become its effective and irreplaceable assistant?

First, supporters should be motivated to help Omniclients constantly. This largely depends on inspiring vision, fascinating history and exciting challenges. But it also depends on the attention that should be paid to the proposals of supporters.

Secondly, it is useful when supporters are people of different nationalities, professions and experience.

What kind of tasks can be effectively addressed by crowdsourcing?

Firstly, the problems should be very important. This will give supporters and experts the feeling that they really make an outstanding contribution to the development of companies.

Secondly, the problems should be very complex, and their solution should not be known to the client. That is, the focus should be on the problems where unusual, creative approach and opinions of the interested people can really become effective.

At what point is it best to start using crowdsourcing?

How trivial it does not sound, it is better to start as quickly as possible. In this case, the company will be able to understand quickly how effective the crowdsourcing is, and to what extent it can rely on it to ensure the high dynamics of its development and the solution of the resulting problems.

Every client has the opportunity to terminate our services after the end of each quarter, if our service is not effective enough, but, of corse, we will make maximum efforts to ensure that this never happens.

What is the essence of the FutureBook and what are your hopes for it?

The FutureBook is a unique global project, initiated and supported by Universal crowdsourcing Agency OmniGrade.

What is the FUTUREBOOK?

  • The book about the future, that is, how human civilization will look like in 20-25 years (the term of the generation change - 22 years according to Herodotus).
  • The book, created with the help of crowdsourcing - the most important source of the emergence of new masterpieces of human civilization in the future.

We initiated the project of creating the FutureBook in order to demonstrate the capabilities of crowdsourcing, to give additional opportunities for creativity to our voluntary experts, to attract more attention to us and to the Omniclients and to give a unique source for analysis and thinking for millions of people.

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions - please fill out the contacts form and we will contact you in the shortest possible time.