The rules of awarding with omnicoins
  1. OmniCoins - are special points awarded by a platform operator to experts for their contribution to assistance to OmniClients in their search for solutions to the challenges required to move towards a vision of OmniClients future, as well as in the implementation of the solutions found.
  2. OmniCoins are assigned to each question depending on its importance and distributed among experts who have participated in the search for an answer to it.
  3. In the first place, experts who have made extensive suggestions for solutions of OmniClients major problems reflected in the questions are awarded at OmniCoins distribution.

    In doing so, experts whose suggestions are detailed and convincingly proved, comprehensive and include recommendations on their application are primarily awarded.

    In the second place, experts who have taken active participation in a discussion of other experts extensive suggestions and assisting their best argumentation or detailing are awarded.

    In the third place, experts who contribute to creative and comfortable for other experts atmosphere of a discussion are awarded, even in cases when they do not contribute directly to the search for the solution of the issue of problems.

    In the fourth place, experts who offered small ideas and suggestions able to have limited positive effect on OmniClients activity are awarded.

  4. Up to 8 OmniCoins can be distributed among discussants of every OmniStep, especially in cases when discussion has led to conclusions important for OmniClient progress.
  5. Every expert earns 2 OmniCoins after registration on a website and filling in all profile fields.
  6. Every expert earns additional 4 OmniCoins after publication of the first comment.
  7. Every expert earns 2 OmniCoins after the expert he invited has completed registration on and filled in all profile fields.
  8. Every expert earns 4 additional OmniCoins after publication of the first comment by the expert he invited.
  9. Expert is considered to be invited by another expert if last one sent information about possible registration of first one to email before first one registered. In case when several experts sent that info the new expert is considered to be invited by one of them who's letter was delivered first.