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"The Real World" Channel, Founder and Chief Editor
When you sit and observe nature, for example, watching cranes in a field, a variety of thoughts come to mind, including those related to various businesses and projects. It is very important to me what different OmniGrade clients do, and it is very natural for me to think about their issues and find original solutions for them.
Roundwindow Consultancy Services, Owner
As an expert I’m constantly impressed by the quality of the businesses using the service; it takes a special type of business leadership to make itself open to the advice and challenge of the crowd.
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Tony Pleschinger
Tony & Team
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Zhiqiang Sun
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Dylan Tang
Beijing National Day School
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Rudram Phronesis
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Mint Bridge
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Excelia Business School
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World Influencers Network
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Joyview Education
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Игорь Фефелов
Иркутский государственный университет
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Антон Саломатин
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Svetlana Zikic
Sefini Consulting
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Rosauro Angelo Rodriguez
PAD1925 Consultancy, Inc.
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Michele Orzan
EuCham - European Chamber
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Dennis Baver
Factoring company "Saint-Petersburg"
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Alexandros Vogiatzis
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Александра Богомаз
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