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Roundwindow Consultancy Services, Owner
As an expert I’m constantly impressed by the quality of the businesses using the service; it takes a special type of business leadership to make itself open to the advice and challenge of the crowd.
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lawyer, lawyer
Every new business that starts updating in the format of omnisourcing becomes close and important to me, I begin to feel confidence in it and constantly think about how to make it better and more profitable...
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Руслан Зиганшин
ООО "Микрофинансовые услуги"
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Ava user medium
Михаил Королев
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Вадим Суворов
Absolution. Решение Факторинговых Задач
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Александр Мокеев
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Karen Gyulgyulyan
United Factors Group LLC
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Елена Опарышева
Финансовая сфера
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Александр Куринец
Центр развития коллекторства
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Andrei Vorfolomeev
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Максим Бельский
Центр развития коллекторства
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Bibigul Bushukova
TOO FinanzFactor
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