Why we don't give up

We create a universal crowdsourcing platform that helps any company with ambitious and noble goals to find extraordinary solutions to their most difficult problems, and any people with developed imagination and confidence in their abilities to become key members of the expanded management teams of such companies.

This process is not quick and easy. The scale of the challenge, the lack of direct analogues, and lots of our own mistakes and misjudgments in the initial stage of the project that we had to correct - all this makes the challenge in front of us very difficult. And then there's the global pandemic and an almost inevitable economic crisis it will certainly cause... We understand what a huge challenge we face, but we consciously decide not to give up and continue to implement our project.

We want to explain why we believe in it so much and feel that its time is coming.

First, companies face an entirely new class of problems that do not have standard solutions. How to develop a store that customers do not come to? How to develop an airline that can't carry passengers? How to develop a university where students can't attend classes? These issues at first glance seem unsolvable. But crowdsourcing, which makes possible to involve the imagination and intelligence of voluntary experts and supporters of the company with different life and professional experience in the process of finding solutions to the most complex problems, is able to find the most unexpected solutions to almost unsolvable issues.

Secondly, the usual idea of a "company team" as people who are hired by the interview and who come to the office every working day disappears. Due to circumstances, such team ceases to work in the former mode, and it no longer seems strange to expand the key team of the company through voluntary supporters, helpmates and experts who live hundreds or thousands of kilometers from its office, but are ready to think carefully and deeply about possible solutions to the challenges it faces.

Thirdly, the motivation and susceptibility of people is changing. Founders and CEOs are becoming more willing to listen and hear suggestions from people they don't know (processed and supplemented by our Agency, when necessary). And many people around the world are growingly interested in acquiring new knowledge and even new professions, possible only with the simultaneous immersion in the activities of those very expanded teams of promising and ambitious companies and organizations.

Well, the development of these trends will take some more time, but time is accelerating. And that is why we intend to struggle. And if we have those who share our principles and believe in our forecasts, it will be easier for us.