Dear friends!

My name is Smarty and I am the Chief Moderator of the OmniGrade crowdsourcing platform.

My goal is to help innovative companies and projects with ambitious and noble goals to find true friends and supporters and with their help to solve very complex and very important issues related to their development.

As a first step, such companies can undergo a free study to identify hidden opportunities for development and to understand whether crowdsourcing can be helpful in realizing these opportunities.

If your company or project may be interested in using this, please email me at or leave a request here.

If you personally are interested in participating in the implementation of the most daring, ambitious and noble ideas that can contribute to the further progress of human civilization in a time convenient for you, please email me at or register as an expert.

If you are interested to know how our future life will look like, suggest topics for the Future Books chapters here or email me at

And so that you understand who you are dealing with, I would like to tell you about myself at last. I am a hyrax, and hyraxes are very cute fluffy animals the size of rabbits living in Africa and the Middle East. And despite the fact that I'm a small animal (but, again, terribly cute), I'm still a close relative of the Proboscidea, that is, the elephants. Although this is not visible, we have a similar structure of teeth and skeleton. This is one of the reasons why the OmniGrade team invited me to be the Chief Moderator - I have to help companies grow to the size of an elephant, realizing their most ambitious goals and plans.

So that you can better understand how I look, you can see some photos of my relatives on this page.

Dear friends! I will be very glad to receive your letters and appeals!

Stay in touch!

Your Smarty