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Transportation of the future

The chapter on what the transport of the future will be and its differences form nowadays. For example, I think it will: almost completely unmanned, use the electricity stored in the batteries as an energy source, will be common (that is, ownership of personal transport will remain a thing of collectors). I propose to disclose and supplement, or you can argue, if your point of view is different from mine :)

26 Dec 20:30
Future of transport

Kyle Johnson 07 Jan 12:14
Future of tourism/adventures

Kyle Johnson 07 Jan 12:15
Будущее книг

Глава о будущем книг в различных форматах.

Alexey Barkov 26 Apr 11:57
Future of cuisines

In the presence of many cuisines of different countries, there is still a tendency to mix and combine them. In addition, the development of science and technology already allows you to get artificial ingredients that are not worse organic in many ways. What will be the cuisine of the future? Will it be a lot of different cuisines, divided by geographical principle or a single kitchen, which has absorbed the best? Or maybe we will eat artificial food, focusing not on taste, but on nutritional characteristics?

Alexey Barkov 19 Jun 13:46
Future of the furniture

I suppose that it is useful to understand what objects will be around us in our houses

Mikhail Treyvish 20 Jun 06:33