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Report on the visit of the Legend New York salon as a customer

Dear friends! I must admit that for the first time I used the services of Legend New York as a client myself. And I decided to write a report on this in order to share my feelings and, possibly, stimulate the emergence of new ideas and suggestions.

I'll start with the recording. The recording was on the phone and they talked very politely. But I would prefer a record in the personal account on the site, it's much more convenient. And one more thing I had. If you call LNY by phone, you get to my voice only in Russian. I think that there must be a voice menu in English.

I'll go directly to the service. Shaved me very well. This is probably the most important thing. It took all an hour and a half, which is about twice as much as it took me to a haircut until now. But the quality is unquestionable.

Parallel services were not offered to me, I did not ask. But somehow as a conservative person, I'm not sure that I would have decided on a manicure or a pedicure. But from the parallel massage of the legs, if he was, probably, would not have refused.

The master was very attentive and accurate. When she worked with me, I had such an idea that it was good if she would talk unobtrusively about what she was doing to me. For example: I wash your head with shampoo so-and-so, it does this and that with the scalp and hair. But when the haircut was over, she gave this information and sazala, that shampoo can be bought. Although it seems to me that during the haircuts this comment would be a little more relevant.

The chair is comfortable, it is laid out in different positions up to completely horizontal. True, with a noticeable effort for the master. I thought that it resembles a seat in an airplane - another argument in favor of orientation to aviation. I, by the way, thought that it would be nice to attach a rear-view mirror to the chair. And then the master had to run somewhere to bring a separate mirror and show the view of the head from behind. Although this would be closer to cars than to airplanessmile

An important point: I tried to control whether I feel the presence in the cabin of a woman and whether they can feel my presence. I must say that almost no, because the zoning of the salon creates a sense of individual space. But "almost", because there was one sensitive moment. When I washed my head, in another armchair for washing, there was a woman next to me, almost close to me. And here I felt some element of embarrassment. There was a feeling that we are almost together in the shower.

And I personally did not like the music that sounded in the salon. In fact, the music radio station of New York sounded (I do not know if it was recorded in the record or managed to catch it somehow in Moscow). It seems to be great that an association with the name of the salon is used. But the music was not in my taste (I understand what the taste and color ...). And if there was a service with individual headphones with individual music or other soundtrack. the idea of ​​which was offered by respected experts, I would have used it without fail. Now I will lobby her with a vengeance. I'm talking about soundtracks here is what an important thought I want to say. I'm a business man. I have many business tasks that I need to think about. I had a smart opportunity for an hour and a half to think about these tasks while staying in the salon. And "not my" music to me in this strongly hampered. So, when targeting business people (both men and women), I think that it would be important to take into account.

And in general it's good. But I also wrote about my criticisms so that from my report there was also practical benefit.

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