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01 Mar 2016
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Our crowdsourcing platform now provides new very important initiatives, which are reflected on the home page.

The first initiative is called "The idea of the day." Every day on the main page visitors will see the original ingenious idea, which may...

19 Nov 2015
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We have a new, very interesting and meaningful Omni client - international violin festival ViolinFest. For the first time we will try to apply crowdsourcing in the field of musical culture and we hope that our partnership will help the festival to...

01 Sep 2015
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We are pleased to announce the opening of new offices in two new interesting countries. Spain The first such country is Spain - the fifth largest economy of the European Union and the twelfth in the world, the country of the great navigators and...

30 Apr 2015
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OmniVision, the operator of the crowdsourcing platform, launched the rewards program for the expert community. Now the experts can exchange OmniCoins for specific products in OmniStore, proposing excellent lots, such as "the Organization of the...

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