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The founder of Legend New York Elena Makhota was a senior banker for 14 years before becoming a founder of her own business in the beauty industry. Elena studied in the US, traveled extensively throughout the country and in New York City peeked the approach to customer service in beauty salons, when masters simultaneously provide two types of services and significantly save the visitors’ time.

Legend New York beauty salon reception

In her company, Elena was able to bring the number of parallel services to four (the care of hair, face, hands and feet), which today is the highest world achievement. And this is a fourfold time saving!

The first Legend New York salon opened four years ago. This event was carefully prepared. The interior of the salon was designed by the well-known Berlin designer Anna Gromova in order to create maximum conditions for the implementation of the concept of parallel services. Everything in the salon and the entire salon team from the reception staff to the masters builds their work in accordance with this concept.

Another important step in the implementation of the concept of parallel services was the creation of specialized combo couches which appeared in Legend New York salons in 2016. On these couches, customers can enjoy the time when masters are working with them.

Combo couches in Legend New York salon

The concept of parallel services not only saves customers’ time, but also increases the average check size, which has a positive effect on the company's financial performance. Legend New York salons become profitable in three months, which is a phenomenal achievement (on average on the market it takes a year and a half). Masters of the salons due to high earnings and team atmosphere are loyal to the company, which results in low staff turnover, high professionalism and, again, customer satisfaction with the quality of service.

And a curious fact is that the regular clients of the salon are the US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman and his family. An unexpected connection with the long-standing American origin of the concept of Legend New York, which has now become a new global trend due to Elena and her team.


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