Dear friends!

My name is Smarty and I am the Chief Moderator of the OmniGrade crowdsourcing platform.

My goal is to help innovative companies and projects with ambitious and noble goals to find true friends and supporters and with their help to solve very complex and very important issues related to their development.

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photo by Tapio Kaisla

Why we don't give up

We create a universal crowdsourcing platform that helps any company with ambitious and noble goals to find extraordinary solutions to their most difficult problems, and any people with developed imagination and confidence in their abilities to become key members of the expanded management teams of such companies.

This process is not quick and easy. The scale of the challenge, the lack of direct analogues, and lots of our own mistakes and misjudgments in the initial stage of the project that we had to correct - all this makes the challenge in front of us very difficult. And then there's the global pandemic and an almost inevitable economic crisis it will certainly cause... We understand what a huge challenge we face, but we consciously decide not to give up and continue to implement our project.

We want to explain why we believe in it so much and feel that its time is coming.

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They are professionals from different fields, ready to help the participants to realize their vision. Taking part in the expert community`s activity is an interesting and appreciative practice which allows you to make new connections, promote your point of view and opinion, participate in realization of challenging and unusual ideas concerning creating new leaders of the future economy. The unique remuneration program, which offers new opportunities for gaining honorable statuses, unique privileges and exclusive goods and services in the inner shop, is also available for our experts. Register marking «to become an expert» as a purpose if you want to gain the status of an expert.
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Competition of visions
The competition for the most impressive, attractive and effective strategic vision among companies and organizations which activity will define economic, technological, social and cultural landscape of the mankind in the 21 century.
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  • The founder and president of the OmniGrade agency Mikhail Treyvish participated as a speaker in the World Coronavirus Virtual Conference among other leading international experts. He spoke about the values of the world in the post-pandemic era and the role of crowdsourcing in their promotion. Here is his interview given to the organizers of the conference:

    06 May 18:37

    The founder and president of the OmniGrade agency Mikhail Treyvish...

  • The eighth issue of OmniNews has come out and it does not look like all the previous ones. You can read something very interesting and important about fintech and the fashion industry (where our new customers come from), as well as find out:

    • What were the horse, kangaroo and duck doing on the board of the passenger plane?
    • What will protect human civilization from the dangers associated with the expansion of artificial intelligence?
    • Why do successful and passionate people become voluntary experts?

    You can get issue using the link:

    05 Oct 18:15

    The eighth issue of OmniNews has come out and it does not look like all the...

  • We are starting a new crowdsourcing project with Dzing Finance. Dzing plans to make the use of payment services easy and affordable no matter where in the world you are. Several million people around the world will soon be able to use unique and convenient Dzing payment cards as well as issue arrange partner cards to their family members, home staff and other people important to them: 

    30 Jul 15:12

    We are starting a new crowdsourcing project with Dzing Finance. Dzing plans...