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  • We are delighted to welcome our new omniclient - Legend New York, aiming to create the world most famous chain of beauty salons:
    The most particular feature of Legend New York - unique technology of parallel services which allow to save significantly the ​customers time and receive services of the highest quality

    29 Jan 21:22

    We are delighted to welcome our new omniclient - Legend New York, aiming to...

  • The New York publishing house Business Expert Press published an article by Olga Bleikhman B2B Marketing: How to Provide Promotion of Brands.

    Olga Bleykhman is a member of OmniGrade expert community since October 2013, having earned the highest and most honorable status in the community - the master.

    During all this time, Olga has published many useful comments that have made a significant contribution to the discussion of the most difficult and important problems of Omni community members.

    We sincerely congratulate Olga on the publication of this serious and profound article in an authoritative international publishing house.

    The news was prepared within the framework of the Rewards program for members of the expert community.

    Article link:

    29 Jan 20:57

    The New York publishing house Business Expert Press published an article by...

  • We announce the launch of the FutureBook ​- a​n​ unique global project, initiated and supported by Universal crowdsourcing Agency OmniGrade.

    FutureBook consists of forecasts and versions on​ how human civilization will look like in 20-25 years​.

    The book​ is created with the help of crowdsourcing ​with the participation of all interested people around the globe.

    27 Dec 08:19

    We announce the launch of the FutureBook - an unique global project,...